Data Intelligence Management System

ICS International Carrier Service acts as a full-service provider in the field of data intelligence management. ICS provides an infrastructure that can complement and interact with existing investments.

Make deductions based on your data

ICS International Carrier Services integrates various data on a large scale to ensure a smooth interactions with intelligence services. Browse high volumes of corporate data at high speed, get critical information, and perform multi-dimensional analysis to uncover invisible patterns and trends. Various forms of data as structured identity data, unstructured cable traffic, email data, records of phone calls and spreadsheets -just to mention a few- can all be searched and analyzed without having to use specialized query languages.

Corporate knowledge for insights based on data analysis

Through ICS Internationcal Carrier Services other companies can share their own data across through data models. By implementing a version control model that tracks all data read, write, and edit operations, ICS enables multiple users to run multiple query rows on the same data without compromising data integrity or security.

Privacy policy compliant

ICS International Carrier Systems facilitates precise data access and control of usage, secure information exchange, various methods of verifying data accuracy, and real-time audit logging and audit analytics. These protections integrate with the same technology that makes intelligence software analytically powerful enough to implement the GDPR compliant messaging infrastructure without compromising the efficiency or usability of the analysis. The protection of privacy and civil liberties is crucial to the responsible use of data and public confidence in the management of sensitive information.

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