Lawful Interception Management

The Lawful Interception Management System (LIMS) by ICS is a modern monitoring solution for fixed and data networks. It is helpful for telecommunication providers and ISPs to fulfill their legal obligation to intercept phone calls plus data, and to ensure privacy as much as possible.

Targeted monitoring of public communication services such as telephone calls, mobile data and Internet-based services such as e-mail, voice-over-IP, instant messaging, etc. becomes possible with LIMS. The system acts as a link between the provider’s network and the law enforcement monitoring centers. The strict security measures prevent unauthorized access, secure all private user information, and relieve security checks through comprehensive logging.


  • Real-time monitoring of all public communications services including phone and video calls, messages, faxes, e-mails, VoIP, file transfers, and other Internet services.
  • Integrates different core network nodes by all leading vendors, for example Switches, routers, gateways and stand-alone or virtualized application servers
  • Strong access control and privacy protection
  • High availability and disaster recovery setup
  • Multitenant support
  • Scalable and extensible to process gigabits per second
  • Fully standards-compliant (ETSI, 3GPP, ANSI/ATIS, Cablelabs)
  • Integrates several networks: wireless, fixed networks, DSL, Cable, WLAN, VoIP


For telecommunication companies, ICS operates as a full-service provider in the field of lawful interception of VoIP/SIP. ICS is a vicarious agent in the sense of the TKG that supports customers from by receiving request of authorities, over the legally compliant diversion up to the standards-compliant and encrypted transmission of data to the entitled places. Customers fulfill their legal obligations in a cost-effective and legally compliant manner and can therefore concentrate fully on their core business.


  • Connection of the customer infrastructure via VPN
  • Lawful Interception Management System (LIMS) to manage actions
  • Connection of authorized entities via highly secure and redundant mediation proxy
  • Receiving and processing of measures by authorized bodies (bS)
  • Interception at network level independent of and without intervention in existing software architectures
  • Compatible with all popular VoIP switches such as Freeswitch, Asterisk
  • Cost-effective and legally compliant implementation of legal obligations
  • No Sina box necessary


  • ETSI TS 102 232-1
  • ETSI TS 102 232-5
  • ETSI TS 102 227
  • TR 7.0 TKÜV

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