Wholesale Carrier Services

What does ICS offer you?

ICS International Carrier Service is a leading wholesale carrier in the field of VoIP. With our service you will be able to take full control of your VoIP System using our clean and straightforward user portal. With ICS International Carrier Service you can purchase wholesale voice termination, apart from that you can adjust termination quality or manage your IP’s. We offer best quality routes with ultra low rates.

The rise of VoIP communication fuels competition

In the course of the time it has become obvious that VoIP communication will slowly but surely replace traditional switched telephones. Therefore the competition in that field has grown. One reason is that it is relatively easy to get into business on a small investment. Another reason ist that these new businesses are able to offer low prices because of small overheads.

For the final recipient it is important to keep the track record of a business in mind. If phone services is of high importance for your company then it may make sense look for a provider ICS International Carrier Services who provide a strong VoIP track record.

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